Milestone is a member of the Nisa buying group and we are a Nisa Extra Store.  

As part of the Nisa Group you are guaranteed a high quality shopping experience.  Ambient products are delivered from Nisa twice weekly and we get Chilled deliveries each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


In addition we source fresh, local produce to support our local producers and our local community.

Our buying team negotiates prices with a wide range of suppliers to ensure our customers avail of special pricing offers.

We have Special Pricing Promotions throughout our store and extra special prices can be found in our Pallet deal section which is situated at the back of the store.


We pride ourselves in providing fresh fruit and veg with deliveries on a daily basis.  We source many of our fruit and veg products from local producers for eg potatoes from the John Gordon Farm in Drumgath and the Robert Magowan Farm in Hilltown.  

Our misting system ensures our produce stays fresh for longer.  It has become a centre piece and situated at the entrance, immediately gives the shopper an aura of freshness from the minute he or she walks through the door.  This theme is extended throughout the store with  "Freshness and Convenience" in all departments.

We source our wide range of flowers from NI distributors and also get deliveries of flowers from Bartley and Lesley Bell of Moorfields Farm in Rathfriland.