Off Sales

Call in to our Off Sales Department today at Milestone Rathfriland and view the wide range of Wines and Spirits from around the world.

Our Wines are carefully chosen to ensure a varied range is available for all our valued customers.

Enjoy wine, but never sure which bottles to buy? Want to discover more new bottles? Our wine club is a hassle-free way to sample and purchase decent and often interesting wines at discounted prices.  We regularly run wine tasting nights which incorporate the history of the wine including details on the vineyard regions, the vintage years, the quality of the crop as well as the taste and richness of the product.

At our wine club we can recommend the ideal wine to complement your perfect meal.  We will have a good range, usually hand-picked by a renowned wine expert. Our Off Licence Manager, is also on hand throughout the week to further make recommendations.  With his knowldege and expertise in the drinks industry, he is well equipped to pass on valuable knowledge on all elements of our wide and varied range of alcohol products.  



Recently our Off Sales Manager, Eddie McKee, visited Chateau La France in Bordeaux for the En Primeur 2016 tasting.  


He gained an amazing experience and inspirational insight into the wines from the Bordeaux region and now he can share this expertise knowledge with all our customers.  Equipped with this insight, Eddie will be available to discuss wine options for complementing the perfect meal.


 A big thank you to the host Robb Brothers Wine Merchants in Portadown.